Turkey, Turkey, Turkey

Thanksgiving is approaching quickly and Atwood staff and students have been engaging in some festive learning activities!

Atwood second graders in Mrs. Paytas’ class did a directed draw of a turkey. After they completed their sketch, they outlined their pictures and then painted their turkeys with watercolors. The class also wrote what they were thankful for to go along with their artwork!

The kindergartners in Mrs. Roberts’ class learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin. They used this learning in their writing journals and then made a watercolor directed drawing for their hallway bulletin board. They have also been learning about Thanksgiving and reading a lot of Thanksgiving stories. The children made some great 3-D turkeys to hang in the hallway on their second bulletin board. Finally, these kindergarteners have been reading non-fiction books about turkeys and learning some great facts. They have just started learning about close reading in kindergarten. They are learning to look at pictures closely and tell what they notice about the details of the pictures. Each child also has a tool kit with post-it notes, a magnifying glass, and a pencil to take notes about what they are learning. #WeAreRSU18 #AtwoodAwesome

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