Author Visit at MHS

Author, Maria Padian recently spoke to students in Mrs. Feldpausch’s and Mrs. Wolfe’s English classes at MHS. The students are currently reading her book Out of Nowhere. The novel depicts the experiences of both the Somali immigrants and the long-established residents in Enniston, a fictionalized version of Lewiston. The story is told through the eyes of a boy on the school’s soccer team. The students listened to the author’s presentation on the history of immigration in Lewiston and the impact the new residents have had on the transformation of the city in the 21st century. 

There are many benefits to an author visit. Lexis Bayne stated, “I have a better understanding of the book after listening to the author.” Author visits demystify the writing process and promote reading and writing. Students, Adriana Katz and Brynne Barron, appreciated the author’s visit because they learned how the author’s personal experiences shaped this story.

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