Creatures of the Night Into the Light!

Whooo flies silently through the night sky? An owl of course!

Kindergarteners at China Primary School recently had a special visit from 3 different owl species through the Chewonki Foundation! Students arrived at the presentation with a plethora of knowledge about owls. Their vocabulary included talons, facial disc, parliament, and nocturnal. This experience was an amazing end to their fall learning! 

James Bean kindergarten students also spent weeks learning about owls and what they need to survive. The JHB kindergarteners learned about life cycles and how offspring resemble their parents. At the end of the unit, the students enjoyed the Owls of Maine presentation by the Chewonki Foundation. Beginning with slides and sounds, students learned the identifying characteristics and calls of each owl. Then, using talons, wings, and skulls, they explored the adaptations of these silent nocturnal hunters. The program ended with a detailed look at live owls – bringing these creatures of the night into the light! The students completed their unit of study by dissecting owl pellets to see firsthand what owls eat. #WeAreRSU18

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