You Can’t Catch Me…

Preschoolers at the James H. Bean School spent a few weeks learning about different variations of the Gingerbread Man story! Students enjoyed hearing many different versions and discussed what was the same and what was different in the stories. They even tried to warn the Gingerbread Man about the tricky fox – telling him not to trust the fox! One fun project was the day kiddos got a message from the Gingerbread Man. It said “Help! I need a home!” Students worked in teams, with materials found at school, to create a home for the Gingerbread Man. Some used wooden blocks, some used magnet-tiles, and some used legos. All of the creations were amazing! The teamwork, fantastic! At the end of this comprehensive unit, students became authors and illustrators where they wrote their own Gingerbread Man stories and shared them with the class! #WeAreRSU18

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