Winter Art

Atwood Awesome artists have been working on art inspired by snow, ice, and cold. In kindergarten art, they read Snowballs by Lois Elhert and created snow cat or snow dog collages. Students are currently being introduced to a variety of art mediums. They had an opportunity to print with sponges, cut shapes with scissors, and add quality details with oil pastels. They used Q-tips to paint snow falling lightly and some chose to create a blizzard of snow. Kindergarten students also created bird feeders in the snow and learned about goldfinches, blue jays, and cardinals (while reviewing the primary colors). Those three birds stay for the winter just like us!

First graders viewed photos of birch trees and examined birch bark. They closely observed Lois Elherts illustrations for Snowballs andmade “snow birds” in birch trees. They had an opportunity to study vertical and horizontal, texture, and landscape while using a variety of materials – including real ink for this project!

First graders also studied penguins in their classrooms and in art class created penguin landscapes. They continued to study color and learned about the color wheel. They observed that the color wheel shows you warm colors and cool colors.

Second graders created landscapes with frozen ponds and lakes. They collaged their skaters – focusing on movement. They painted the ice mixing tints on palettes while learning about cool colors.

After creating all of these snowy pictures, the temperature dropped and the snow started falling! Do you think if we created tropical landscapes with sunny warm skies, the cold snap would break? #AtwoodAwesome #WeAreRSU18

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