WES Family Game Night 2022

On Wednesday, January 19, the Title I staff at Williams Elementary hosted a family game night! The evening featured games that focused on math and literacy skills. Parents and students had a fantastic time playing a variety of games. Some of the literacy games featured that evening were Boggle, Scrabble Slam, Apples to Apples, and Five Second Rule. The math games included Yahtzee, Tri-Factor, Greg Tang’s NumTanga, and Numskill. All games were engaging ways to help students practice math facts and math concepts. In addition to the games, Miss LaPointe created an “esti-mystery” that allowed families to practice their estimation and mathematical reasoning skills. Everyone who participated in the “esti-mystery” submitted their answers for a chance to win the contents of the jar. Campion Poulin was the “esti-mystery” winner with the correct answer of 89 Hershey Kisses. At the end of the evening, families were encouraged to take home a math and literacy game. It was an enjoyable night for all who participated!

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