Polar Region Studies

Mrs. Bradstreet and Mrs. Johnson’s kindergartners at the James H. Bean School have been learning about the polar regions and how animals survive in the extreme cold. These kindergarteners have learned about the differences between facts and opinions and have written three different informational books about polar bears, arctic animals, and penguins. Their nonfiction books have included facts about the animals, diagrams of the different parts of the animals, and a colored map of where these animals live. The students also learned how to draw the Northern Lights!

JHB students also got to see firsthand how blubber keeps you warm when you are in cold, icy water! The students had to collaboratively design and build a snow cave to protect their polar bears. After reading the book Ten on a Sled, the class had to design a sled that could be pulled on the ice. The kiddos challenged themselves to see if they could fit more than ten on a sled! It was great to see students showing their friends different ideas for building a sled and assisting those who needed help. #WeAreRSU18

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