We Wouldn’t Eat 100 Whales!

Before break, students across the district celebrated the 100th Day of School. We wanted to share some sweet moments from Mrs. Hatch’s kindergarten class at Atwood Primary that day because these kindergarteners are sure to bring a smile to your face on this chilly day!

Kiddos in Mrs. Hatch’s kindergarten crew welcomed the 100th day of school mid-February with a variety of engaging activities to mark this exciting milestone. The whole day revolved around the number 100. There was a 100 chain link scavenger hunt (which got everyone counting and moving) as well as a delicious snack estimation activity! Everyone received a special bracelet and an award to post on their refrigerators in recognition of their hard work so far this school year. The craft center had an option to make a crown stating: I Am 100 Days Smarter! Even writing that day was focused on this exciting number. Pictured here are Evie and Marshall. Evie wrote that she would gladly eat 100 lollipops, but she would draw the line at eating 100 whales! Marshall thought 100 lobsters would be great, but he would definitely not enjoy eating 100 tigers! #AtwoodAwesome #WeAreRSU18

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