Scarlet Macaws

Mrs. Bradstreet’s kindergarteners at the James H. Bean School have been learning about the rainforest! One species of birds the students learned about was the Scarlet Macaw. The students were so in awe of this species that they were determined to make their own birds! Mrs. Bradstreet made the pattern but realized she would never be able to help all the students get these birds made. Graciously, Mrs. Erskine’s third graders were willing to help! Each third grader worked with their book buddy – tracing hands and helping cut and assemble these birds. Both groups of students had a great time working together, and Mrs. Erskine’s third graders showed great patience and kindness when helping their younger friends turn squares of paper into beautiful birds. Mrs. Bradstreet and her kindergartners were very appreciative of their help and one kindergartner declared, “My book buddy is the nicest book buddy I ever had.” In reality, these may be the first book buddies the kindergarten class has ever had in their young educational journey, but these third graders set the bar high! #WeAreRSU18

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