Muggle Quidditch + Making the Text Come Alive

Students in China Middle School’s sixth grade ELA classes have been experiencing the magical world of Hogwarts while reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. They played Muggle Quidditch using pool noodles as their broomsticks. They “flew” around the field, working together to earn points for their houses. Ravenclaw and Slytherin won for the morning class, and Hufflepuff and Slytherin won in the afternoon. Students also have been earning points for their groups by participating in class discussions, keeping their tables clean, and being kind, helpful, and responsible. The group with the most points will earn the “House Cup!” Now that they’ve finished the book, these sixth graders are working on creating a dodecahedron project where they will show how story elements are interconnected within a text (a 6th-grade level standard). #WeAreRSU18

Pictured (right): Brian Walker, a beater, holds the “Bludger” used to tag the chasers.

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