Atwood Receives Bronze Award for The 2022 Telly Award Competition

Today is an exciting day for Ralph Atwood Primary School as it is recognized as the 2022 bronze award recipient for Non-Broadcast Children’s Audience in video production. The distinction can be viewed here and can be seen by scrolling near the bottom using the link provided. Marvin broadcasts have been made throughout the year by Atwood staff to support social and emotional skills through engaging weekly videos for students. This has made a great impact on the support that our staff has had on student needs. Principal McGee gives more details about the Marvin program below:

Before the arrival of Covid 19, an important weekly ritual at Atwood Primary School was the weekly town meeting! During those town meetings, children would all gather in the gymnasium and celebrate accomplishments, learn about social emotional health, talk about mindful breathing, and solve small and big problems together. The final element of the town meeting was always a school-wide dancing lesson! When large gatherings were eliminated, the Atwood staff joined together to do a little problem solving of their own. On Wednesday afternoons, volunteer staff members would meet in our technology teacher, Rob Perk’s, room to film a weekly episode of Moments with Marvin! Marvin the Moose is a puppet who presents a weekly problem to be solved to the cast, Bruce the Bear and Mrs. Hoot, the owl! Each week, the children walk through a problem, a solution, a weekly social emotional vocabulary word presented by Social Emotional Supergirl. Birthdays and Principal’s 100 Club members are announced, and the children learn a new mindful breathing technique, as well as discuss a bigger world issue! Of course, every single week, there is a school-wide dance lesson!

Moments with Marvin has become an important weekly mainstay in the Atwood Primary School culture. You can frequently hear children in the hallways quoting a Marvin lesson: “Remember it is not important who is first in line. Just like a sandwich, the best part is the middle.” Teachers use the lessons as reference points in classroom problem solving situations, and the mindful breathing strategies are exercised to calm a busy classroom!

What is perhaps equally as exciting and unexpected is the fact that Moments with Marvin was just announced as a Telly Award Winner for 2022! The Telly Awards have over 12,000 annual entrants, and for the category: General- Children’s Audience, Moments with Marvin was one of five bronze winners! When you consider the gold winner was produced by Disney, this is pretty exciting news for the Atwood cast and crew!

Below, you will find the link to Moments with Marvin. Episode 3 was the episode that was entered in the Telly Award contest! Click on any of the episodes to get a flavor of Season 1 in Moments with Marvin. 

Director: Rob Perks

Cast Members: Jennifer McGee, Denice Hatch, Emily Widor, Margaret Solis, Krystal Blaisdell, Pam Corson

Guest Appearances: Susan Giguere

Congratulations to the entire Atwood Awesome staff and students. This is such an Atwood Awesome example of why our staff go to extraordinary means to find creative ways in delivering important, impactful messages to our kids. #WeAreRSU18 #AtwoodAwesome

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