Garden Planting Bags

By: Mrs. Charest, Third Grade Teacher at Williams Elementary

Today 225 students put together their own garden bags. These bags held a plant pot, a baggie of soil, one full pack of seeds of their choosing, and a tag for labeling. I began planning for this project after the world shut down due to COVID, but due to uncertainties of the times, it was never completed. Gardening engages all of a child’s senses. My mission was and continues to be to provide all children with the opportunity to experiment with their own garden learning. Children will learn responsibility, gain a sense of resilience, will foster a family bonding experience, and increase social/emotional learning. My hope is that children and families will continue to garden in the future providing healthy foods for their families. These garden planting bags will be a great way to help children to learn about nutrition, nature, and responsibility as they take care of something. Students will be able to make the connection between growing food and healthy diets. I am hoping that each child will be proud to have grown a food, that they might become curious enough to taste-test, and that they continue to garden in the future. #WeAreRSU18 #WESproud18

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