Last Week Recap: WES

It’s officially summer, but we can’t help but continue to share the awesome things that were happening in our schools during the last few days of school. We’ll call these summer posts… last week recaps!

Let’s check out Williams Elementary’s last week of school for the 2021-2022 school year!

Step Up Day at WES: On Monday, June 13th, WES hosted a Step Up Day for the Atwood second graders who will be joining the school next year as third graders.  During the Step Up Day, Atwood second graders were able to meet the third grade team of teachers – Mrs. Charest, Ms. Kinney, and Mrs. Sucy. The second graders had an opportunity to learn about Williams in question and answer sessions with the third grade team of teachers, Mr. Parisi (school social worker), and Mrs. Smith (principal). The incoming third graders learned about some of the content units they will participate in (some topics included multiplication, electricity, and fairy tales), the March Madness NonFiction Book Tournament, Global Play Day, Eagles of the Week, and the Great Kindness Challenge. The second graders also went on a tour of Williams Elementary – which was led by six current third grade students. On the tour, second graders were able to walk through the third grade classrooms, visit each space for their specials (art, PE, library, and music), and also check out the science lab and cafeteria. At the end of the Step Up Day, second graders enjoyed time playing on the Williams Elementary School playground with their friends. The second graders left feeling more comfortable about the transition to WES and excited about their new school. Principal Smith shares, “We cannot wait for our second grade friends to join us in the fall as they start their third grade school year.”

Field Day: On Tuesday, June 14th, staff and students participated in Field Day which was organized and facilitated by WES physical education teacher, Ms. Ordemann. Students had a fun-filled day! Students and teachers kicked off Field Day with a school-wide dance to the song “Have it All” by Jason Mraz. Students spent the day participating in 13 different activities ranging from an obstacle course to corn hole, volleyball, golf, water balloon carry, a gunny sack relay, soccer noodle tag, and more! MMS students helped by running each station and were great role models for all the WES students. They ended the day with a tug of war competition to find the winning class for each grade level! Students said they enjoyed being out in the warm sunny weather and having the chance to spend time with their friends before summer vacation starts.

Fourth Grade Egg Drop: WES 4th graders have been learning about force and motion during their final science unit of the school year. Students used what they’ve learned about motion, surface area, and air resistant to create a vessel that would safely deliver an egg to the ground. On Monday, June 13th, Principal Smith and Mr. Parisi launched the egg vessels off of the school roof. Students worked through the science process by testing their egg contraptions and refining them along the way.  Principal Smith and Mr. Parisi were so impressed by how many eggs survived!

Bikes for Books: On June 6th at the Williams’ Be the Light Assembly, students had special guests Dane Wrigley (Oakland Masons) and Gene Roy (Oakland Public Library) attend the assembly to present bikes and helmets to their Bikes for Books winners and to announce the Oakland Library’s special summer offerings. Staff and students appreciate all that the local Masons and library do to encourage Williams’ students to read. Students also had an opportunity, during the final week of school, to browse tables in the lobby loaded with books that they could take home with them to read over summer!

Folktales, Fables, and Fairytales: The last unit of study of this school year for the third graders was reading and writing folktales, fables, and fairytales. Within this genre, students focused on the theme, life lessons, morals, and traits of characters. Mrs. Charest read the story Jack and the Beanstalk to her students and they got to choose a mystery bean (out of 4 beans) to plant and take home!

Nature Hike & Ice Cream Celebration: On June 10th, all of WES went for a walk on the high school trail and ate ice cream as a recognition for all of their hard work and dedication while completing their last NWEA tests of the school year! Way to go everyone!

Delicious Treats from the Tower Garden: Mrs. Charest and her students enjoyed special afternoon snack by creating dill dip using fresh dill from their tower garden.  Students ate the dip with crackers, carrots, and cucumbers. Many students who were hesitant at the start of the year eating anything from the tower garden have given the new foods a try and have been pleasantly surprised by how delicious everything has been that they have sampled. If you would like to make this delicious dip at home, we have included a picture of the recipe below. Thank you Mrs. Charest for introducing our students to new healthy snacks. 

Breakfast Celebration: On Wednesday, June 15th, Mrs. Langis and Ms. Quirion made breakfast for all of the students in their class. Students enjoyed plain and chocolate chip pancakes, fruit, donuts, yogurt, and munchkins. Many families donated special breakfast items, plates, plastic utensils, and napkins. Students definitely enjoyed all of the delicious treats!

End of Year Video: WES students enjoyed watching the End of Year video that Mrs. Christopher created. It was fun to relive all of the fun memories that occurred throughout the 2021-2022 school year. Spirit weeks, Halloween Parades, Field Day, Great Kindness Week and Door Decorating Contest, time on the playground, classroom activities, and snapshots with friends were all included. Mrs. Christopher certainly did an amazing job with her first imovie!

Fifth Grade Promotion Parade: On June 15th, the WES community came together to celebrate the fifth graders with a special promotion parade! Students were applauded and cheered for as the walked in front of Williams Elementary to meet their teacher and receive their 5th grade promotion certificate, special treats, and a class t-shirt. They had amazing weather and attendance for this wonderful event. Principal Smith and the staff at Williams Elementary wish their 5th graders all the best on their middle school journey.

#WeAreRSU18 #WESproud18

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