Last Week RECAP: BCS

Check out Belgrade Central School’s final week during the 2021-2022 school year!

Summer Reading: Mrs. Dunbar’s class took a field trip to the Belgrade Public Library where they were greeted by Miss Kim. Miss Kim showed students the library and talked about getting a library card. Miss Kim talked about the summer reading program at Belgrade Public Library and then read aloud The First Feud by Maine author, Lynn Plourde (who recently visited Belgrade Central School). Mrs. Dunbar’s class left the library with a bookmark, treat, and a paper to get a library card. They also left the library very excited about summer reading!

Salmon Eggs: Miss Caldarella and Mr. Hylands class have been raising salmon eggs since early February. The eggs came to them in the eyed egg stage, hatched into alevin, and then began to swim as they turned into fry. Students have been able to watch the salmon grow and change as they learned about their life cycle as well as how they adapt to survive in the wild. This month, students took a field trip to Bond Brook where they released 196 salmon back into their natural habitat!

Persuasive Posters: Ms. Arsenault’s kindergarten class used their persuasive writing skills to make posters to hang in the hallway. These posters help the other students in their school know what to do when they are in the building as well as playing outside. 

ABC Countdown to Summer: Mrs. Dunbar’s class has been celebrating an awesome year with an ABC Countdown to Summer. The countdown kicked off on May 11th with an airplane flying contest. Each day has had a fun activity or theme for students to participate in – going through the alphabet for the last 26 days of school. Some of the favorites were Game Day, New Name Day, Outdoor Day, Read-a-Thon Day, and Stem Challenge Day!


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