Last Week Recap: CMS

China Middle School’s last days of the school year were jam packed with events and celebrations!

Spring Fling: Sixth and Seventh grade students at CMS gathered for a spring dance. Everyone put on their best semi-formal wear and danced the evening away. Students enjoyed colorful treats and great company!

Writing Children’s Books: Sixth grade ELA students spent time writing children’s books this spring. They brainstormed topics after learning that their audience would be kindergarten students at China Primary School. They learned that all good stories have interesting characters, a conflict, and a moral or message for the reader to learn. Some students decided to create animal characters such as a goose that liked to cause trouble, a group of dogs that robbed a bank, and a turtle who was working to clean up the ocean. Some students kept their stories more realistic and wrote stories to teach lessons including kindness, sharing, and doing well in school. Recently, they got to share their stories with Mrs. Dunn, Miss Amy, and Mrs. Bullard’s kindergarten classes at China Primary School. The kindergarteners were a wonderful audience and helped bring a sense of purpose to the middle schoolers’ writing.

Foul Shot Fundraiser for the Children of Ukraine: The China Middle School Student Council and Leadership Teams joined forces to host a foul shot fundraiser for the children of Ukraine through UNICEF. Their participants for the fundraiser were Kayla Stred, Colby Spry, Scott Fitts, Danica Ferris, Ethan Studholme, Connor Crommett, Madeline Clement-Cargill, Natalie Peaslee, and Sylvia Davis. They had to obtain sponsors who would pledge their support for the children of Ukraine, and then had to make as many foul shots as possible to maximize those pledges. China’s basketball players were able to raise $2,704.50! They would like to extend a deep gratitude to all of their sponsors and supporters who helped them achieve and surpass their five hundred dollar goal!

#WeAreRSU18 #ChinaClippers

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