James H. Bean is the Place for Me

James Bean has started the year off by building a sense of community in the school. They’ve started their weekly Rise and Shine assemblies where students and teachers sing and cheer that, “James H. Bean is the place for me!”

Principal St. Peters takes time during these assemblies to teach children that every day we can do our B.E.S.T.

B – Be responsible

E – Encourage kindness

S – Safety first

T – Try our best and persevere

The students at the James Bean School have been demonstrating kindness and responsibility the first week of school by helping their newest kindergarten friends find their classrooms and their way around the playground. Mrs. St. Peters shares that she has joyfully watched siblings being responsible and helping their younger brothers and sisters, as well as older children who are connected through their neighborhoods and daycare showing the younger students the way. James Bean has older students who have met a new friend for the first time just within these first few days, and who have chosen to stop and take the time to show them where to go. It’s incredible to see!

James Bean has also started Book Buddies for the year, and now their youngest friends have a special older buddy that comes to read to them. Some book buddies may even be able to eat lunch and play at recess together!



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