Moments with Marvin the Messalonskee Moose: Season 2 is Here!

Moments with Marvin is a weekly video program presented to the students of Atwood Primary School. Until three years ago, part of Atwood’s school culture was the holding of town meetings or grade level assemblies in the gym. There, Mrs. McGee, Principal of Atwood Primary School, would lead the students in several enrichment activities – movement to music, breathing for relaxation, and a lesson to make the students, the school, and the world a better place.

Moments with Marvin was created after Covid-19 prevented group gatherings. Because the program is prerecorded and edited, segments were expanded to include birthdays, the Principal’s 100 Club, social/emotional vocabulary, musical motions, and everyday student advice. Season 2 of Moments with Marvin are here!

Interested in viewing Season 1, click here!



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