We Are Sharp!

Atwood Primary’s first graders in Ms. Deane’s class have been working on listening and following directions. They have been engaging in directed drawings to help focus students’ attention and practice stamina. During the first month of school, these first graders were able explore Kevin Henkes’ stories that center around beloved mouse characters who exemplify childhood experiences. The children listened to one story each day and ended with a directed drawing of the mouse character they enjoyed best. The first graders enjoyed getting to decide and choose colors that would make sense for their individual mouse’s fur and outfit.

Once students had the basics down, they set to work on the class’ first bulletin board project of the school year. They used their directed drawing skills to create a friendly pencil! When the children were done drawing, they had to listen carefully and follow directions to use water color paint around the illustration. They also practiced their handwriting skills by writing the mantra, “We Are Sharp!”



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