A Special Visit from General Drummond

During the September 20th half day, China Middle School students spent time in their advisory groups rotating through various activities. Activities included team building challenges, creating a team flag, and listening to a presentation from China community member and veteran, General Dwaine Drummond.

General Drummond came in to speak about his experience in the military serving over 36 years, and he shared all of the places he has traveled to because of his career. The general also addressed the good parts of serving such as making lifelong friends and providing security for friends and family. He also took time to share about the hard parts of serving such as being away from his family. He encouraged students to find a way to serve their community – whether it be volunteering, helping family members, or by joining school and community groups. At the end of his presentation, he shared many artifacts with students including military hats, uniforms, coins, patches, and even a signed Kansas City Chiefs football!

Thank you General Drummond for your service to our country, and thank you for taking the time to share your experience with CMS students.



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