Williams Elementary Eagles of the Week: 9/30/22

Congratulations to Williams Elementary’s Eagles of the Week: Isabella Sylvain (3rd grade), Abi Eames (4th grade), and Lukas Holland (5th grade).

Ms. Kinney would like to nominate Isabella Sylvain for this week’s third grade Eagle of the Week. She writes, “Bella always displays a positive attitude and completes her work on a daily basis. Bella is focused during class discussions by listening to her teachers and peers, as well as sharing her thoughts. She also works well with her classmates by helping them when she sees they may be struggling or complimenting them when they complete a hard task. Bella is a great role model for our classroom and WES. Keep being amazing!”

Mrs. Pullen would like to nominate Abi Eames for the fourth grade Eagle of the Week. She writes, “Abi is such a kind and brave soul. When I first met Abi, she seemed really shy. She is a hard worker and often will share her personal, thoughtful ideas and stories with us. She is helpful and kind to others. I am so proud of your courage, Abi! Continue to be you!”

Miss Hilton would like to nominate Lukas Holland for the fifth grade Eagle of the Week. She writes, “Lukas is a role model in our class for following directions, focusing on his assignments, and helping others. Lukas shares his thinking and helps his peers with assignments. He includes everyone and is a kind friend. Thanks for doing a great job in our classroom, Lukas! Keep up the awesome work!”



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