Rocket Launch + Solar System Exploration

Earlier this month, Miss. Kibbin’s 5th grade science class was able to witness something amazing. They were able to watch NASA launch a rocket into orbit to begin the 29 hour trek to the International Space Station. At 12pm, the third period science class was able to watch the first Indigenous woman be sent to outer space. This was a memorable experience for all the students and they were able to witness extensive science first hand. It was exclaimed by many students, “Do it again,” or “I want to be able to do that one day.” Miss Kibbin was very proud of all of her students for phenomenal behavior and the amount of interest the students had about the subject. This fit perfectly with the Solar System exploration unit, and managed to make not just the students’ day, but the adults who witnessed it as well. This was a moment in time that students will never forget. Upon the spacecraft were four members that will be docked at the space station for five months. Miss Kibbin hopes to stream the live performance with her fifth graders when they are on their way home. 

#WeAreRSU18 #ChinaClippers

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