Mr. Drew + His Animals Visit BCS

The students of Belgrade Central School had special visitors this past week! Mr. Drew and a few of his animals set up shop in the science lab where classes were able to visit him for a presentation and the opportunity to meet his animals up close. Mr. Drew shared some surprising facts with the students at BCS. Did you know that a cockroach takes on the flavor of whatever it eats? If it eats an apple, it will taste like an apple. Students loved getting up close and meeting Creature, the tegu. The snakes, Abby and Chloe, were also a hit. Mr. Drew talked about the importance of taking care of the Earth. He challenged each student and staff member to pick up one piece of trash each day. He does this everywhere he goes. Can you imagine if every person on Earth picked up one piece of trash each day? That would be 7.8 billion pieces of trash! Thank you, Mr. Drew, for visiting with the students of Belgrade Central and sharing your incredible animals! #WeAreRSU18

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