Atwood Educators Present at MSMA Fall Conference

Atwood Principal, Jennifer McGee, along with educators, Denice Hatch, Emily Widor, Krystal Blaisdell, Pam Corson, and Robert Perks presented at the MSMA Fall Conference this past Friday, October 28th.

Assistant Superintendent, Keith Morin, shares, “I wanted to drop a quick note of appreciation for all of your work in presenting at the MSMA conference today. I was able to follow up with two people after the session who spoke very highly of all of you, and both expressed their admiration and want to bring this back home to their districts. Fantastic work in representing RSU 18 and all that make up the peaceful village of Atwood Primary School.”

Principal McGee responded, “Working with this team of dedicated and amazing educators is always such an inspiration to me!”

#WeAreRSU18 #AtwoodAwesome

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