Thank You, Veterans, Thank You

During the month of November, James H. Bean fifth graders have learned about the word honor. What does it mean to be honorable? What does it mean to honor someone?

Today, Tuesday, November 15th, Mrs. Paisley-Hopper and Ms. Burkhart brought their students to the Maine Veterans’ Home in Augusta to put this word into action. Students honored the Veterans with a program that included patriotic music, short informational pieces, and poetry. They also performed two songs – “Stars and Stripes Forever” and “Thank You, Veterans, Thank You” – under the direction of JHB music teacher, Mrs. Paradis. After two and a half years with limited interaction with the public, over 40 Veterans were able to enjoy this uplifting program. Maine Veterans’ Home Administrator, Jake Anderson, commented, “I look forward to many more opportunities to bring the community, and specifically JHB, back into our home. Thank you again for partnering with us today!” #WeAreRSU18 #JHBdragons

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