Starry Nights, Scarecrows, + Fall Leaves

Students at Atwood Primary have been creating art inspired by fall and fall colors. Kindergarten students created paintings of pumpkins. They learned about the color wheel and the primary colors – mixing up their own oranges on paper palettes. They read the story Pumpkin Time together and compared an Eric Carle night sky illustration with Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Students finished their artwork with a starry night background. Students in first grade drew and painted scarecrows. They read, Sam the Scarecrow. They looked closely at a variety of scarecrow illustrations. Students created paintings focusing on expression, scarecrow characteristics, and quality details. Students in second grade focused on fall leaves. They looked at a variety of leaves closely: ginkgo, tulip, English oak, pin oak, and red maple. They created fall banners working with the art elements: line, shape, and color. Mrs. Gronlie is very proud of her Atwood Awesome Artists. #WeAreRSU18 #AtwoodAwesome

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