Thanksgiving Parades & Morning Treats

By: Principal Smith, Williams Elementary School

Fifth graders from Williams Elementary School enjoyed learning about the Macy’s Day Parade this week. They read Balloons Over Broadway, watched a video about parade balloon production, and began sketching their own balloon designs. Awesome project based learning in action!

Balloon production was in progress at WES during the school day Monday as the fifth graders prepared their own version of the Macy’s Day parade for the third grade students. Everyone was excited to see the completed balloons in flight during the school-wide parade today before leaving for Thanksgiving break!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, WES is also very thankful for their thoughtful and talented Dean of Students, Mrs. Solis, who delivered delicious morning treats to the entire staff Monday morning that she graciously baked over the weekend! #WeAreRSU18 #WESproud18

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