Elementary Entrepreneurs

Over two decades ago, a third grade team of teachers (that included our very own Mrs. Bailey) came up with the idea to have students design and develop a product that could be sold to the other students of the school along with invited guests during a scheduled evening. This integrative unit was intended to be a fun, hands-on, real life experience for children to learn entrepreneurial skills that were linked to the Maine Learning Results. Over the years, hundreds of students have showcased their creativity and imagination while participating in this unit. Though it was sidelined the past two years due to health guideline restraints, the fourth grade team at the James H. Bean School was excited to bring this learning opportunity back.

The success of this project depended critically on the support of the parents, guardians, and all other caring adults in the students’ lives who helped them at home to make their products. Additionally, this project would not have been possible without the support of Principal St. Peter and JHB’s wonderful colleagues. Teachers and staff want to extend their utmost appreciation to all of these wonderful people for helping make this unit of study a great success.

After one evening selling created items to family, friends, and community members, plus one day of the Sidney Mall being open at school, the students’ businesses netted a profit over $800! Not bad considering there was a sale price cap of $1.00 for any item! The profits will be donated to a local charity to help community members in need of assistance.

#WeAreRSU18 #JHBThePlaceForMe #JHBDragons

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