Student Council

Fifth grader, Ben Pawson, expressed interest in beginning a student council at Williams Elementary School! He thought it would be the perfect opportunity to be a contributing member to the school community, give his fellow students a voice, and help be a part of school decision making. Ben did an excellent job presenting this opportunity to the entire student body during a whole school assembly. WES is going to have rotating representatives from each classroom; any child is invited to participate! 

The school held their first student council meeting Thursday, January 6th before school. Despite the late arrival due to the inclement weather, they still had almost all of their representatives present. The enthusiasm from students was incredible. They were so excited to begin discussing and planning for the school’s Great Kindness Week Challenge! Student representatives also voiced other ideas that they felt would bring joy to the school year. Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Solis, Mrs. Charest, and Mrs. Desrosiers are excited to be collaborating with their new student council this school year!

Principal Smith shares, “At our Be the Light Assembly on January 13th, we had two outstanding student speakers. Jacob shared about the new morning Scratch Club that will take place in our library on Fridays and Reid discussed our upcoming Great Kindness Challenge Week!”

#WeAreRSU18 #WESproud18

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