Full Steam Ahead

By: Tamiko Paquette, GT Instructor

In the gifted and talented program at China Primary School, students kicked off their STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) unit by being tasked to build the largest tower using 100 cups and 4 cardboard strips. They were challenged to do this in a unique shape without talking and using only one finger!

Students also practiced the life skill of reflection on 2022 and goals for 2023. They talked about gratitude, accomplishments, goals, and hopes for this new year. Students filled out mini posters and tied this discussion to growing in resilience. Everyone experiences “rough and toughs” and when we can identify our accomplishments and speak our gratitude, we grow our confidence. Every time we do this, we become more resilient and are able to work through problems with less stress, and help others. Next, the group will read Rosie Revere, Engineer and talk about creativity versus innovation. Students will build a hovercraft, and I cannot wait to see all of their creative innovations! #WeAreRSU18

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