Global Play Day at Atwood Primary School

By: Principal McGee, Atwood Primary School

The Atwood and WES PTA generously treated the Atwood children to two days of The Children’s Discover Museum! It was no coincidence that one of the days landed on Atwood’s Global Play Day! The children loved all of the hands on activities. Some of their favorites were the circuitry board, the scarf shooter, and the weaving board! Each classroom was signed up for 40 minutes of fun, discovery, science, and creative play!

As Atwood tradition goes, students engaged in the school’s annual paper airplane flying contest during Global Play Day! This year’s school champions are as follows:

1st Place: Hudson, First Grader

2nd Place: Gretchen, Kindergartener

3rd Place: Allie, Second Grader

All students who participated were fabulous sports and cheered one another on! #WeAreRSU18 #AtwoodAwesome

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