JHB’s first community folk dance a success

On Friday, February 28th, JHB held its first community folk dance. Every year, Mrs. Paradis teaches a variety of folk dances during music class. Students learn “Sasha” from Russia, “The Chimes of Dunkirk” from France, “Seven Jumps” from Austria, and “Alabama Gal” from the United States.  

This year, Mrs. Paradis decided to host “an evening of dancing and fun” to share these dances and more with families and community members. 

“It was a small, but enthusiastic group that participated–about 33 total–even a few teachers came, which I was super happy about,” said Mrs. Paradis. “We did a total of 6 different dances, with a few short breaks mixed in for snacks and drinks.” The JHB PTO supplied the refreshments at a cost of $1.00 each. 

Mrs. Paradis used recorded music for all but one of the dances, which she accompanied on the ukulele. She plans to continue this event in future years and hopes to offer live music for more of the dances. “My hope is that word will get out about how much fun it was and that the next time we will get a bigger turnout,” said Mrs. Paradis.  

Follow the link to see a great video of one of the dances.


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