MHS Summer Reading

Students may borrow books from the high school library this summer.  Unfortunately, you cannot come into the library, but like many businesses these days, the library is offering to-go services.  Just let one of the librarians know the titles of any books you would like to read and they will have them ready for you beginning the week of June 15. If you are looking for suggestions, please feel free to ask Mrs. Jadczak,, or Ms. Guyaz,, and they will be happy to supply them.  There is no limit to the number of books you can borrow over the summer.
One place to look for suggestions is the new book list on the library homepage. You can also search for titles on the Online Catalog.  As mentioned, the librarians are happy to provide suggestions. You can tell them about different titles or genres you enjoy.  If you want to have a person to person chat, let one of them know and they will call you or arrange a Google Hangout or Zoom to help you build a summer reading list.

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