Celebrating our Retirees: Messalonskee Middle School

Today we are saying good-bye to three amazing MMS staff members.

written by Assistant Principal Dillon Clark

Denise Rivard:

Denise has been working for our district for 23 years. She has served in the MMS library, most recently. Denise supported a positive culture in our building, creating strong relationships with our students, and managing a fun Christmas activity, drawing student and staff names and giving out Christmas treats and cheer.  She is incredibly compassionate towards students and staff.  While in the library she provided a huge amount of assistance, ran book club, crafts for students, provided support for the book fairs, and did holiday decorations.  During our most recent challenge, the quarantine, Denise worked hard to reach out to many students and even wrote personalized letters.  She will be incredibly missed. 


Diane Engert:

For 24 years, Diane has been an amazing member of the middle school community,  starting while Williams Junior High was open and moving to Messalonskee Middle when the building opened. She has been a constant provider of consistency, kindness, and administrative support. In 24 years, she has helped thousands of students and hundreds of staff as they navigate their day to day lives in our building. As the MMS assistant principal, I can safely state that this job could not be done as well as it is, without her support and effort! Outside of her being highly skilled in her profession, Diane also brought a smile, a positive attitude, and a charismatic personality to our building every day. There are many things we love about Diane, and trying to explain how much her presence will be missed is nearly impossible. We hope retirement is everything you deserve and that you are able to enjoy tons of time with your new grandbabies! MMS loves you, Diane. 


Wendy Nutting: 

Wendy has been working as an Ed Tech in our district for 30 years.  Wendy comes every day with a determination to support students.  She has strong relationships with the students she spends time with and provides academic help for many who benefit greatly from time with her.  It is clear in her interaction with students how much they care for her.  Wendy’s impact goes far beyond the classroom as she is constantly knitting amazing mittens, shirts, and blankets for staff and their families.  During our closure, Wendy selflessly spent her time supporting first responders and others looking for masks, as she was able to sew hundreds of masks. This is such a reflection of her as a person. She thinks about other people more than herself. Wendy will be missed!  

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