Messalonskee Choral Program Goes Global!

Choral Directors Kevin and Pam Rhein are teaming up with their daughter, alumna, Nia Passmore and her husband, Dr. Andrew Passmore and putting together an international choir!

Dr. Passmore is the head of the Choral Department at the Marymount School in Rome, Italy. He and his wife are in the process of collecting and synchronizing recorded tracks of their students and friends singing a sixteenth century processional sung in Latin. The Rheins are teaching the music to all the students in their Grade Five through High School Choruses. Soon, the Messalonskee students will begin to record themselves singing and send the tracks to their directors for synchronization. Then the Rheins and Passmores will merge the two countries’ audio contributions together to form a piece of music sung together by students in Italy and the USA.

The students seem very excited about this opportunity to collaborate with students and teachers from the other side of the world. During these difficult times of separating ourselves with distance and masks, it is deeply rewarding to find connection through the beautiful art of choral singing.

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