Atwood Gratitude Grant Provides Opportunity to Give.

People often say it is better to give than to receive, and studies have shown that this is, in fact, true. And so, this year, the Atwood Primary school chose to use their gratitude grant to create a magical little shop where students could choose from a selection of fun holiday gifts for Mom, Dad, or their special person.  The goal was to give every child the opportunity to experience the joy that comes from giving.

“You never know what will bring a child hope, or what will awaken the spirit of a struggling family,” read the Atwood Gratitude Grant proposal.

Atwood filled their “store” shelves with cocoas and mugs, jewelry, lotions, after shave, gloves, mittens and more.  Forty Atwood children had the chance to “shop” for the special people in their lives as a result of the gratitude grant. The students were so proud and excited to take home gifts for their loved ones.

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