The Best Herd Around

By: Principal St. Peter, James H. Bean

Celebrating and expressing appreciation for the work of the JHB staff is one of the most exciting weeks of the year! The theme of our week has been, “JHB Staff…The BEST Herd Around.” Monday began with staff being invited to the “Farmers’ Market” where they were treated to a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and juice. Tuesday’s main event was a gathering at the Red Barn Food Truck, but unfortunately, the truck had to take a pit stop into the garage. So pizza from the Korner Store had to suffice. But to no one’s surprise, owner Laura Benedict has offered to reschedule a visit to treat the Bean staff to her yummy food once the truck is up and running. Staff were encouraged to “Take a pot, and plant a crop” on Wednesday. Clay pots and a variety of flower seed packets were available to all staff. In addition, items from The Bacon Farm were raffled off throughout the day. We all know that “Nothing can grow without a little rain.” To keep staff members dry on these cold and rainy days, personalized JHB umbrellas were gifted to all. The PTO brought the sunshine to the staff with sunshine t-shirts and boxes. The week ended with a trip to The Watering Hole, as staff were treated to a variety of the ever popular teas created by Full Send Nutrition in Augusta. What a week it has been! The JHB staff is truly one of a kind! #WeAreRSU18

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