Wilderness Wednesdays in January

China Primary School students in Mrs. Eaton’s first grade class and Miss. Faloons’ kindergarten class have been enjoying their time out in the forest during Wilderness Wednesdays. During the winter months, they are hoping for more snow to do some engaging forest activities. In the coming weeks, they will work on collecting sticks and writing jolly phonics tricky words with the sticks. Students will also do an activity where they dictate sounds to each other and they will write the letter of the sound in the snow. So far this January, students spent time reviewing the forest rules and practicing those rules on their nature walk during an abnormally warm muddy January day! In the pictures you’ll see a downed tree the classes came across on the trail. We can’t go over it; we can’t go through it; we can’t go around it…  we’ve got to go under it! WeAreRSU18

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